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It was the unfinished version, it was good and I would like to see the rest of it.

My first positive review

2008-10-08 06:08:31 by Eidderf

'The Zekey Space LIzard vs. Illness part made me laugh pretty hard.'

Wow did you read that, I must be the best guy ever.

A little animation I did is on newgrounds

2008-10-01 08:58:37 by Eidderf

Clap clap clap

Edit) Now it's official!

Started course

2008-09-23 21:35:53 by Eidderf

Started my digital animation course today, seems pretty good, it seems to cover everything and things I didn't expect. So hopefully when I post an animation on newgrounds one day it will be pretty good.

As part of the induction to the thing we went to London and watched this:

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Today we were shown this:

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Don't know who reads this page, I'm going to sleep,

Castle Crashers is great

2008-08-27 13:12:19 by Eidderf

Yeah I like it.

Newest cartoon progression

2008-07-08 18:41:31 by Eidderf

It's going well me, but I can't say much about it because I don't want to give others idea. I've only done a couple of seconds but those are some heavy frame by frame seconds so they've taken me a few days. Tomorrow I shall do the feet.

I'm not doing the bear cartoon thing that the image in the older post was related to because I don't fancy doing that at the moment.

This is a cartoon I did quite a while ago (though it wasn't too long ago I posted it on the site)

This is a picture of a monster I did he is called filth. He's not related to anything in this entry but I like the picture.

Newest cartoon progression

Eidderf's new animation yeah!

2008-06-22 13:22:01 by Eidderf

I've got to keep my fans informed so I thought I better say that soon I'm going to make some sort of animation thing in flash, it'll have all things that an animation needs like explosions and manly men. Since this animation stuff is going to make me sooooooooooooooooooooooo rich and famous (like LOLZ) I've posted a little sketch of the idea (or idnimation!)

Seriously though I'm probably going to make something sometime.

Eidderf's new animation yeah!

A joke

2007-09-25 18:42:12 by Eidderf

What do you get if you cross a popular FPS franchise with a cow?


A joke

My one animation

2007-07-19 19:36:52 by Eidderf

I've been a member of newgrounds for quite a long time but I've never really talked on the forums or submitted anything (mostly because I've never really finished anything)

Anyway I have made one finished flash toon and I thought I may as well post a link to it here since we have this new blog type thing so here it is.

I'm making another animation at the moment so look forward to that, coming 2030!